Watch our video and see how our sensors and app work

Why use our solution?

  • Frost protection

    Temperature monitoring is carried out using sensors placed exactly in the place exposed to frost. As soon as the temperature approaches dangerous ranges, our system will send you a notification! This is possible thanks to the use of a "wet bulb" to predict frost.

  • Prevention of diseases and pests

    The data collected by our weather stations can also be used by RIMpro disease models. Using a combination of sensors for rain, humidity, wet leaf, air temperature and soil temperature, and thanks to integration with Rimpro, we are able to warn you about incoming infections.

  • Easy control of conditions in warehouses and cold rooms

    Thanks to oxygen, ethylene and carbon dioxide sensors, we provide an overview of the current situation in your cold room. You can prevent the adverse effects of improper levels of these gases in time, while maintaining the high quality of fruit and vegetables.

  • Close monitoring of soil quality

    The EC Soil Moisture, Soil Temperature Sensor measures soil water content, allowing farmers to better plan and increase production efficiency at minimal cost. The device also has the ability to test the temperature and electrical conductivity of the soil, which allows you to monitor the amount of nutrients and thanks to the flow meter you can manage the irrigation system.

  • Access to the status of your crops for 24 hours

    Our application notifies about the possibility of frost, pests, diseases or drought. It transmits current measurements from the field to help you make the right decision at the right time. You have all the necessary information on your phone, you know what is happening in your field, regardless of where you are. The sensors are small and mobile, you can set them where you need and change their place.

  • Saving money

    You don't have to buy the entire station, start with individual sensors and see how this solution reduces the consumption of plant protection products, fertilizers, water and energy. Ultimately, it is entirely up to you how many sensors you use to monitor your farm. Check how easy it is to save your time and money.

Make an appointment for a free consultation. We will introduce you to our products and show you how our application works. Decide for yourself if this is the solution for you!