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flow meter

flow meter

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The water flow sensor allows you to monitor and control the intensity of the flowing liquid. The device consists of a magnetic core, a rotating rotor, an outer casing and a Hall sensor. The flowing liquid rotates the impeller, activates the magnetic core and measures the speed of the switch at different flow rates. The Hall effect sensor sends appropriate pulse signals so that users can monitor the flow rate. The electronic part of the sensor is not in contact with water.

Flow range: 1-60 l/min
Material: plastic
Working pressure: <1.20 / Mpa
Thread size: MaleG 3 /4" 2.59cm
Size: L 67X38MM x 3/4" Male Thread 2.59cm
Black Color Weight: 66g
Flow Pulse: F(Hz)=(5.0xQ)-3%Q = L/min
Max. Working current: 15mA (DC5V)
Min. Operating voltage: DC 4.5V
Operating voltage: DC 3V ~ 24V
Load capacity: = 10 mA (DC 5 V)
Operating temperature: -25 degrees Celsius
Celsius to +80 degrees CelsiusMaterial temperature: 120
Accuracy: 2% ~ 5%


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