How does it work?

Our wireless system is based on LoRaWAN® technology - we have our own network, so that the customer does not need an additional SIM card or Wifi connection. In addition, our sensors are equipped with batteries with min. two-year service life and require no action during their lifetime. After purchase, just scan the QR code from our sensors with your phone and connect them to the AgronetPro application and it's ready!

  • Sensors

    After purchasing the sensors, scan the QR code on them with your phone, and then place them on your fields. They don't need to be calibrated - they're ready to go. Our sensors are very durable and reliable - the battery will last for over two years. The sensors are mobile, you can change their place during use depending on your needs.

  • App

    Everything you need available on your phone from anywhere. Notifications help you make decisions and react in time. Full overview - look at the map and see live changes in the current weather situation. iOS and Android mobile apps keep farmers informed with real-time data and notifications when to take action.

  • Data collection and analysis

    In addition to the mobile application, you also have access to the web application. All information, maps and charts about your crops in one place - set notifications and alerts. Compare data, view historical data and draw conclusions to make the best decision for your crops.