Farming disease and pest prevention system

Depending on the weather conditions, plants may have various infections, e.g. apple scab, fire blight, apple cancer or fruit.

The data collected by our best farming weather stations can also be used by the RIMpro and Welte models. Then, on the basis of charts created by RIMpro or Welte, it is possible to evaluate and forecast the development of the most important diseases and pests of fruit crops. All information and recommendations prepared by advisers based on our data are made available to fruit producers so that they can take care of their crops in the best possible way!

The farming pest detection sensors and the AgronetPRO application allow for a quick response – the measurements are sent to the application on an ongoing basis, which allows for efficient action under changing weather conditions.

Thanks to measurements from AgronetPRO sensors placed in your fields and cooperation with advisers, you have access to up-to-date information from your orchards available on your phone, tablet or computer. Forecasts and recommendations for the development of the most important diseases and pests of fruit crops are sent regularly to your application, which will allow you to react quickly and protect your crops!

If you would like information on the development of possible diseases and pests in your fields, you can purchase our weather station or individual of the following sensors:

  • Wet leaf sensor
  • Temperature sensor
  • Soil moisture sensor
  • Rain gauge
  • Farming disease and pest prevention sensor
  • Farming pest detection sensors
  • Best Farming Weather Station
  • Rimpro Weather Station

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