Farming frost protection system

Frosts are a common problem for fruit growers, especially in spring.

Farming frost protection system

Evaporating water from plant tissues or soil absorbs heat from the environment, when the air is dry the evaporation is very intense, then the evaporating water receives a lot of heat and plant damage is greater. However, if we react in time and increase the air humidity, the evaporation is less intense and the damage is less - this can be achieved by the use of at least one agriculture frost protection sensor.

Our sensors and the AgronetPRO application form a farming frost control system allowing for a quick response - the data from each farming frost sensor is sent to the application on an ongoing basis, which enables us to undertake efficient action in order to address the changing weather conditions.

Thanks to the measurements from each of AgronetPRO farming frost detection sensors placed in your fields, you have access to current information from your orchards available on your phone, tablet or computer. When the temperature drops below a certain level, you will receive a notification from our application, which will allow you to react quickly and protect your crops!

If you would like information about the temperature in your fields, you can purchase our weather station or individual sensors such as:

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