About us

From fruit farmers for fruit farmers

AgronetPRO started out as a conversation with a friend who lost his crops due to unexpeted local frosts. Before going to bed, he checked the weather and the weather stations. Only to wake up the next day and realize that the local frost has destroyed the apples in two of his ten fields, thereby losing 80,000 euros. This unpredictable frost happens about 10 times a year.

About us

The roots

Solid fundamentals form the basis of AgronetPRO. The long-term partnership of Sander de Vries and Dmitry Kolesnikov (experienced CTO) has created many successful IT products and solutions. Over the last 12 years, they have a proven work record and know how to achieve goals in the most efficient manner.

The seed

AgronetPRO started out as a conversation with a friend who lost his crops due to unexpected local frosts. In one night the local frost destroyed the apples, thereby losing 80,000 euros. Kamil Koc (3rd generation fruit farmer) and Sander de Vries (experienced IT Manager) started thinking about a new product that would not only be easy to use, but also superior quality and economical.

The fruit

The fruit of their work is AgronetPRO, an application using state of the art software and sensors that collect and transmit data in real time. The algorithms analyze the data to notify farmers of imminent risks like: frost, drought, co2 level exceeded in a building - all this with an easy-to-use application.

With this wireless system, numerous factors are captured: weather predictions, current weather, soil quality, tracking everything that happens on the farm. All this inside the cloud with a minimum of input from physical users. With this data, farmers can manage yield growth better by using fewer agrochemicals, saving water and electricity, ultimately cost savings for the farmer.

The Field

Distributors are key in supplying the needs of the farming industry. The AgronetPRO saas system supports farmers in managing their cultivation with fruits and vegetables. Also the oxygen and ethylene sensors provide a good overview of the current situation in the fruit and vegetable warehouses

The Growth

The first successes have been achieved by collaborating with key partners: such as RIMPRO, part of French Albatros group, which is focused on providing pest & disease modelling for growers in 40 countries worldwide with over 30 years 

Sander, który od ponad 10 lat pełnił rolę konsultanta ds. oprogramowań dla firm w Polsce i za granicą zaprosił do współpracy przy tworzeniu nowego produktu swojego wieloletniego wspólnika Dimę Kolesnikova, jako eksperta w zakresie tworzenia i wdrażania technologii. Tak powstał system, który doskonale odpowiada na Twoje potrzeby.

We are a company operating at the intersection of agriculture and technology that helps farmers to prevent frosts, infection and monitor the condition of their fields. We focus on getting real data from our sensors. Our customers receive notifications whenever there are frosts, droughts or when the warehouse needs attention, so that they can respond efficiently and appropriately and protect their crops.