Automated irrigation system for farmers

Thanks to the sensors, we monitor the temperature, soil temperature and soil humidity on an ongoing basis and provide a comprehensive information package necessary to identify the risk of drought. Additionally, our water Flow Meters for Agriculture allows you to automatically control the irrigation on your fields.

Automated irrigation system for farmers

In this way, our clients have all the information they need to make accurate and quick decisions on crop protection.


Our sensors and the AgronetPRO application form a farming frost control system allowing for a quick response - the data from each farming frost sensor is sent to the application on an ongoing basis, which enables us to undertake efficient action in order to address the changing weather conditions.


Thanks to measurements from AgronetPRO sensors placed in your fields and our application, you have access to current information from your orchards available on your phone, tablet or computer. When the data collected by our agriculture irrigation control systemsthe sensors shows a potential risk of drought, you will receive a notification from our application, which will allow you to react quickly and protect your crops!

If you would like information about the temperature in your fields, you can purchase our weather station or individual sensors such as:

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